Who Are We?

5HU is a team of visual communication and motion design professionals. Get in touch with us if you want to make sure your message is heard. We will find a way to communicate your ideas in a simple, beautiful and understandable way. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Let us speak for you.

What‘s Our Philosophy?

5HU believes that the perception of beauty is universal, that‘s why we put our minds to work to find the right visuals that strike a chord with the widest audience possible. We want to make sure that our work brings your message accross to your customers in the most efficient way.

Why Us?

Sure we are creative – aren‘t most people in our line of work? But what truly sets us apart from our colleagues and competitors is our unique approach. We are in love with our job, determined to succeed every time we take on a new task. We try to do the best for every client. Sounds challenging? It is, but we love what we do and we take our job seriously, that is why every completed project brings us immense satisfaction. We are careful not to get too comfortable with our achievements, we want to keep learning and improving our skills. We already have sufficient experience to know what works best for us yet we‘re eager to try out new ideas and to experiment.